Ensuring fruits and vegetables are fit for consumption once they have been harvested is essential.

Our range of disinfectants aids in eliminating micro-organisms and promotes overall sanitation.

Through washing produce post-harvest with an effective disinfectant, unwanted micro-organisms, such as bacteria and fungi, are controlled which can help reduce yield losses through shelf-life extension, and aid in cost-savings.

Process water used during post-harvest operations is also a source of microbiology, which decays the produce and can adversely affect human health. Our product solutions can also be used for the disinfection of surfaces and utensils that come into contact with foodstuff during processing.

Our solutions for this application: 

   Function  Chemistry Family   Regulatory 
 Drytec® Systems  Industrial strength chlorination  calcium hypochlorite   EPA Registered, Meets AWWA Std B-300-92, ANSI/NSF Standard 60