Hygiene and sanitation are key in poultry production. Sanitizing bacteria-rife areas and treating foodstuffs with a powerful disinfectant allows for the control of undesirable microbial growth and its effects.

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Poultry plant in carcass washing application Carcass Washing
Proper food chain management requires the control of bacteria present on carcasses as well as the santization of all involved equipment and areas from slaughterhouse to packaging.
We have been proposing solutions for these applications over many years including chemicals and equipment adapted for carcass washing, process water disinfection, and surface sanitization.

Baby chicks drinking water

Drinking Water and Pipe Sanitation
It’s no surprise, but access to clean water is essential to healthy poultrystock. For consumption, it is typical for stock to consume 50% more water than feed (by weight). Additionally, water is also used to cool poultry houses - reducing the stress on the stock. Unfortunately, this same water can be a source of pathogens that result in immune system responses, imbalances in food nutrient uptake, and stock loss. The water distribution system needs to be monitored for the presence of bacteria such as Coliforms, Pseudomonas, and Streptococcus, as well as biofilms- which can not only lower the water flow rate to consumption and cooling points, but also harbor yeast, fungi, mold, and viruses further contaminating the water systems.

Egg washing in poultry processing plant
Egg Washing
Bacteria on eggs is a frequent source of contamination.
Our solutions will control bacteria on contaminated eggs and sanitize all equipment and areas in egg handling operations. 

Food processing plant clean from disinfection
General Surface Disinfection
After the grow-out period, when stock is transitioned to processing, cleaning and disinfection of the poultry sheds is required before introducing the next stock.
Our specialty formulations are sprayed on all surfaces - including laboratories, cloakrooms and lavatories. Convenient forms of chlorine based cleaning products have also been developed by us, in order to help address these problematic areas of disinfection.

Waste Water Treatment
Management and treatment of the effluent coming from poultry abattoirs is complex. We have a full range of organic coagulants, aimed at replacing partially or totally the inorganic salts, limiting the production of sludge and reducing the costs of sludge disposal. 

Our solutions for this application:

   Function  Chemistry Family   Regulatory 

Drytec® Systems

Industrial strength chlorination in the food and beverage market calcium hypochlorite EPA Registered, Meets AWWA Std B-300-92, ANSI/NSF Standard 60



Control bacterial, fungal and algal slimes in cooling water systems bromine biocides EPA Registered



Manage & clean the algae growth found in cooling water systems 50% dioctyl dimethyl ammonium chloride EPA Registered



Enhances biofilm control, promotes fast-kill of planktonic bacteria as well as promotes a reduction in corrosion; Ideal for paper-making and cooling towers industries dimethylhydantoin  N/A

Dantoin® BCDMH


Effective on bacteria and fungi in cooling water systems biocide EPA Registered



Inhibit microbes’ growth in industrial circulating cooling water systems blend of isothiazolinones EPA Registered



Provides effective biocidal action against a broad spectrum of microbial organisms such as bacteria, fungi, viruses and algae in cooling water systems blends of alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammoniumchlorides EPA Registered