Pulp and Paper

In pulp and paper making processes, the presence of water, heat and organic material continuously being processed is a favorable environment for microbial contamination. The addition of biocides is intended to eliminate any form of biofouling and to also prevent contamination on the end-product, visible as spots on the paper film.

We provide an extensive range of oxidizing biocides, preservatives, halogen stabilizers and surfactants to address bacterial development during the wet-end process.

Our calcium hypochlorite and range of organic biocides, such as our Isocil®, Bardac® and Barquat® biocides, are also used to treat the raw water that is used in the process.

Equinox® 15 Stabilizer is a formulation aimed to stabilize active chlorine and maximize its efficiency where the biofilm is building. When the Equinox® 15 Stabilizer treatment program is compared to sodium bromide and ammonium sulphate based treatment programs, Equinox® 15 Stabilizer has a favorable ecotoxicological profile, rapid biodegradation and a low vapor corrosion generation. Equinox® 15 Stabilizer has been used globally for decades in the pulp and paper industry.

Industrial Water Treatment Brochure

Our solutions for this application:

  Function Chemistry Family    Regulatory 
Bardac® Manage & clean the algae growth found in cooling water systems 50% dioctyl dimethyl ammonium chloride EPA Registered
Barquat® Provides effective biocidal action against a broad spectrum of microbial organisms such as bacteria, fungi, viruses and algae in cooling water systems blends of alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammoniumchlorides EPA Registered
Dantobrom® Control bacterial, fungal and algal slimes in cooling water systems bromine biocides EPA Registered
Dantoin® BCDMH Effective on bacteria and fungi in cooling water systems biocide EPA Registered
Constant Chlor® Plus Systems Sanitizing and disinfecting supply water calcium hypochlorite  EPA Registered, Meets AWWA Std B-300-92, ANSI/NSF Standard 60
Equinox® Stabilizes chlorine molecule for more effective kill of microbe, as well as promotes a reduction in corrosion; Ideal for paper-making and cooling towers industries dimethylhydantoin  
Isocil® Inhibit microbes’ growth in industrial circulating cooling water systems blend of isothiazolinones EPA Registered