Surface Water Treatment

One of the most effective management strategies for controlling nuisance aquatic plants and algae is chemical control. In a balanced ecosystem, aquatic plants can be desirable, but when the aquatic plants reach nuisance levels, it can affect waterfront property values, aquatic ecosystems and can interfere with aquatic recreational activities.

applied biochemists brand logo for lake and pond chemicalsOur Applied Biochemists® brand experts have a full line of aquatic algaecides, herbicides, lake and pond dyes and clarifiers to meet the needs of drinking water reservoirs, irrigation systems, aquaculture (fish hatcheries), wastewater, golf courses, livestock tanks and other lakes and ponds.

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Our solutions for this application:

   Function   Chemistry Family Regulatory  
 Aquatic Algaecides  Control various forms of algae growth in lakes, ponds, irrigation canals, and other forms of surface water  algaecide  EPA Registered
 Aquatic Herbicides  Controls nuisance and invasive aquatic plants  herbicide  EPA Registered
 Aquatic Colorants  Beautifies cloudy water with a pleasing appearance in lakes, ponds and decorative water features   colorant  EPA Registered
 Aquatic Biologicals  Improve water clarity and reduce organic matter  proteins, surfactants, microbial blends  

Teaming with leading universities, the Applied Biochemists® team supports research efforts and innovation in investigating the environmental fate, toxicity and efficacy when applying various algaecide and herbicide formulations. Investments are also made in new chemistries, application technologies, and technical resources in the subject of algae and cyanobacteria management.

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