Case Studies

Harpoon® Granular Case Study 
Field efficacy trials - Harpoon® Granular Aquatic Herbicide on Lake Guntersville in Alabama.

Algimycin® PWF Case Study 
Targeted management of taste and odor producing cyanobacteria and resulting water quality improvements in Lake John Hay Reservoir, Salem, IN.

Algimycin® PWF Case Study 2
Better water for less than half the cost - South Carolina drinking water supplier uses targeted approach to control taste- and odor-causing cyanobacteria.

Cutrine® Ultra and Phycomycin® Case Study
Microcystin concentrations following treatments of harmful algal blooms.

Cutrine® -  Plus Case Study
Management of blue green algae and taste and odor with Cutrine-Plus® in McDaniel Lake.

Cutrine Ultra® and Clearigate® Case Study
Sago pondweed control in irrigation canals: comparing simulated canal trials to field applications.

Constant Chlor® Plus MC4-150 West Springfield Case Study                                                                                                                                                                                          West Springfield, MA supports 28,000 residents by treating 3.5 million gallons of potable water per day using the Constant Chlor® MC4-150 system.

Constant Chlor® Plus MC4-150 Case Study
Chlorine gas replaced by dry calcium hypochlorite system in New York suburb.

Constant Chlor® Plus MC4-50 Case Study
Arkansas water utility successfully switches to dry calcium hypochlorite feeding system.

Pulsar® Case Study 1
The verdict is in on CYA stabilized chlorine products.

Pulsar® 140 and 500 Case Study
New Pulsar® systems bring enhanced performance to City of Fullerton pools.

Pulsar® 500 Case Study
Atlantis Resort upgrades to precise chlorine solution for dolphin habitat.

Pulsar® Case Study 2
Pool water quality at U.S. swim team trials in expert hands with Pulsar® feeders.