Clearigate® Algaecide and Herbicide
Clearigate® Algaecide/Herbicide

A product that is ideal for irrigation canals. It is highly effective in controlling thick-walled filamentous algae, colonial planktonic algae, as well as Chara and copper-sensitive emergent, floating and submerged aquatic plants such as sago and other pondweed species. It is a premium solution with the added benefit of an emulsified surfactant/penetrant for breaking down thick cell walls of nuisance algae and aquatic weeds.

No general water use restrictions are applicable at label rates.*

  • Available in 5, 30 and 55 gallon containers (also available in 275 gallon heavy-duty stainless steel totes)
  • Active ingredients: contains 3.825% elemental copper in the form of mixed copper ethanolamines in an emulsified formulation
  • Dosing rates vary by species between 0.09 and 8.7 gallons per acre-ft.
  • Dilute and spray, or apply to flowing water through drip system (contact us for expert assistance on drip applications)
  • Best suited for waters not containing fish
  • Permits may be required for application of this product; contact local authorities/state pesticide agency
  • US EPA Registration No. 8959-51

Clearigate® Algaecide Herbicide Product Information Sheet

Clearigate Field Reference Sheet

Cutrine Ultra® and Clearigate® Case Study


*Some States may require permits or restrict the use of this product. Check with your local authorities.