Aquatic Biologicals

Applied Biochemists® line of beneficial bacteria and protein products help digest organic matter in ponds, restoring a natural balance to the pond.

Non-ionic surfactants are necessary additives to some chemicals to help the product stick and break down the waxy surface of the leaf. Not all products are registered or available in all areas. Always read and follow label instructions.

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AMP↑™ Activator
AMP↑™ Activator
Enhances the efficacy of aquatic pesticides

aqua prep
Aqua-Prep® Protein Solution
Boosts the activity of beneficial bacteria 

AB aquatic adjuvant
AB™ Brand Aquatic Adjuvant and Non-ionic Surfactant
Add to herbicides or algaecides for better uptake

bactiklear liquid
Bacti-Klear® Aquatic Microbial Blend
Beneficial bacteria for ponds in liquid and pellets

Nutri-Sorb® Aquatic Microbial Blend
Beneficial bacteria in a water soluble pouch