Nutri-Sorb® Aquatic Microbial Blend

A convenient ready-to-use dry bacterial formulation, in water-soluble pouches, that can be used to accelerate organic waste degradation. It utilizes enzymes to reduce the components of pond muck or sediment. 

No general water use restrictions are applicable at label rates.*

  • Available in 25 pound containers.
  • Active ingredient: a blend of highly specialized and adapted spores and vegetative microorganisms
  • Dosing rates:
    • Start-up application is 3 pounds per surface acre
    • Second application is 2 to 3 pounds per surface acre
    • Maintenance application is 1 to 3 pounds per surface acre
  • Disperse packets evenly

Nutri-Sorb Aquatic Microbial Blend Product Information Sheet


*Some States may require permits or restrict the use of this product. Check with your local authorities.