Harpoon® Granular Aquatic Herbicide
harpoon granular

Treat from the bottom up! Granules sink down to effectively control bottom-growing copper sensitive aquatic species.

No general water use restrictions applicable at label rates.*

  • Available in 40 pound bags
  • Active ingredients: contains 3.41% elemental copper in the form of copper-ethylenediamine complexes (9.87%)
  • Dosing rates vary by species and density between 40 to 80 pounds per acre-ft.
  • Broadcast evenly using spreader, blower or hand scoop
  • US EPA Registration No. 8959-55

Harpoon® Granular Aquatic Herbicide Product Information Sheet

Harpoon® Granular Case Study

Harpoon® Granular Specimen Label


*Some States may require permits or restrict the use of this product. Check with your local authorities.