Shoreklear-Plus® Aquatic Herbicide
Shoreklear Plus®

A non-selective herbicide which effectively controls many herbaceous and woody plants. This product is pre-blended with a non-ionic surfactant. (This product
will not control plants that are completely submerged or have a majority of foliage under water.)

  • Systemic herbicide for down-to-the-root kill
  • Ready-to-use, included Surfactant
  • Fast acting on annual roots

There is no restriction on the use of treated water for irrigation, recreation, or domestic purposes. See label for restrictions on potable water.*

  • Available in 1 gallon (4 units in a case) containers
  • Active ingredient:18.0% glyphosate
  • Dosing rates: Make a general spray solution of 3.5 fl.oz. to 9.00 fl.oz. solution. Use 3.3 gallons of product per surface acre in any single
    broadcast treatment over water.
  • Dilute and spray
  • US EPA Registration No. 228-367-8959

Shoreklear-Plus® Product Information Sheet


*Some States may require permits or restrict the use of this product. Check with your local authorities.