Coagulants & Flocculants
Barflocâ„¢ FP Organic Coagulants
Barflocâ„¢ FP Organic Coagulants

The range of Barfloc™ FP organic coagulants are a novel and superior approach to sludge reduction.

An efficacious alternative to organic salts, the product technology is based on a poly-quaternary ammonium compound. It can partially or totally replace the use of conventional products in the different stages of waste water treatment where coagulation is needed.

Working synergistically with inorganic salts, the range has shown high efficiency, and FeCl3 or PAC usage can be significantly reduced through the addition of Barfloc™ FP products. Due to this, an improved economic profile can be achieved in the following areas:

  • COD removal on primary and secondary sedimentation
  • Sludge dewatering
  • Color removal in textile industry
  • Phosphorous removal in combination with inorganic salts

Product tests have revealed a dose rate reduction of inorganic salts of up to 50%, positively assisting with the discharge profile of the effluent. A reduction of up to 30% of the sludge volume produced by inorganic salt compounds can also potentially be observed.

Other benefits include:

  • A low alkaline form, therefore limited consumption of the alkalinity of the effluent, and pH adjustment is therefore not needed
  • High cationic charge, allowing user to save on amount of product required
  • Good synergistic effect with acid inorganic salts for phosphorous in solution in biological stage
  • Improved settling speed when compared to inorganic coagulants due to the chemistry and the conformation of the molecule, allowing two kinds of bonds to take place (neutralization of electrical charges and Van Der Walls bonds)
  • Easy to dose liquid form necessitating only normal dosing pumps
  • When compared to ferric chloride, less hazardous exposure dangers for operators
  • Does not cause stains or odours
  • Does not affect the conductivity of the water
  • Product is applied via standard metering pumps (for Barfloc™ FP2, FP3 and FP5), reinforced pumps for Barfloc™ FP4 (as quite viscous)
  • Product packaging size: 25kg canisters, 1,000kg IBC, road tankers
  • Sold in units

Barfloc™ FP organic coagulants are available in the following:

  • Barfloc™ FP2 Organic Coagulants (16% active ingredient)
  • Barfloc™ FP3 Organic Coagulants (22% active ingredient)
  • Barfloc™ FP5 Organic Coagulants (34% active ingredient)
  • Barfloc™ FP4 Organic Coagulants (36% active ingredient)