Oxidizing Biocides

With a water treatment heritage of more than a century, we supply advanced product technologies to support the sustainability of water, energy and the protection of critical water management assets.

We offer a wide range of oxidizing biocides that can be used in an assortment of applications to aid in the control of microorganisms. This wide selection of oxidizing biocides enables customers to select the most appropriate product technology to create a treatment program tailored to their specific application.


drytec briquettes
Drytec® FG Briquettes

These calcium hypochlorite briquettes are the perfect solution for use in food industry applications.

  • Available in 50 pound containers
  • Registered and approved for multiple food sanitization and disinfection applications
  • Certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 60, Drinking Water Additives; AWWA Standard B300-04
  • Contains a scale inhibitor
  • Designed for use in the DryTec® Systems
  • Kosher Certified



drytech granular
Drytec® Granular

DryTec® Granular Calcium Hypochlorite is one of the best industrial strength chlorinators used in a variety of industrial sectors, including water treatment facilities, pulp & paper, meat processing and more.

  • Available in 1, 5, 25, 50 and 100 pound plastic pails
  • Contains 68% available chlorine to achieve outstanding sanitizing results
  • Convenient and easy to use 
  • Requires no storage tanks or secondary containment 
  • Quick dissolving action provides effective sanitation and outstanding solution consistency
  • Cyanuric acid free 
  • Kosher Certified
Dantobrom briquettes
Dantobrom® RW Briquettes & Dantobrom® RW Granular

Dantobrom® RW products are high performance, solid bromine biocides that offer cost-effective microbial control. The products, which come in briquette and granular form, are broad-spectrum bactericides, fungicides and algaecides that can be used for a variety of industrial applications.

The unique products provide a controlled release of the active bromine and chlorine. In addition, Dantobrom® RW products provide the benefit of bromine and have a higher total halogen content with greater solubility than other solid bromine biocides such as BCDMH.

Dantobrom® RW products can be used to control bacterial, fungal and algal slimes in a wide variety of water systems, including recirculating and once-through systems, evaporative condensers, influent systems, industrial wet scrubber systems, sewage systems, auxiliary water systems, air washers and brewery pasteurizers.

Along with their novel hydantoin chemistry, Dantobrom® RW products provide a number of key benefits:

  • Improved wet and dry physical stability
  • Increased solubility
  • Higher purity by eliminating binders
  • Reduced dusting
  • Minimal corrosion
  • Minimizes wood delignification
  • Suitable for both slug and continuous feed
  • Compatible with other water treatment additives
  • To be dosed via brominators
  • Dantobrom® RW Briquettes: available in 25 and 50 pound pails
  • Dantobrom® RW Granular: available in 45, 225 and 450 pound pails

Dantobrom® RW Product Information Document


Dantochlor powder
Dantochlor® RW Briquettes & Dantochlor® Powder

Dantochlor® products are halogenated dialkylhydantoins that function as a microbiocide through the controlled release of active chlorine. The products are an effective bactericide, fungicide and algaecide for recirculating and once-through fresh and salt water systems. They are also an effective slimicide for oil recovery as well as paper mills that aid in the manufacture of food and non-food grades of paperboard.

The Dantochlor® products also reduce bacterial, fungal and algal slimes in evaporative condensers, recirculating cooling tower systems, influent systems, industrial wet scrubber systems and brewery pasteurizers. 

These products are an effective component of a total program to manage biofilm growth in industrial water systems. Published studies show that the combination of free and combined halogen provided by the Dantochlor® products is more efficacious towards biofilm than either free chlorine or free bromine alone. The increased stability of the combined halogen in systems with high halogen demand allows greater diffusion into the biofilm without losses due to unwanted side reactions.

  • The Dantochlor® Powder product dissolves faster than the briquette form and can be used in the treatment of the water used in papermaking industries
  • The Dantochlor® RW Briquettes product can be used in pressurized systems like standard brominators
  • The Dantochlor® Powder product is to be dosed via a dedicated feeder
  • Dantochlor® RW Briquettes product: available in 25 and 50 pound pails
  • Dantochlor® Powder product: available in super sacks
Dantoin BCDMH RW Tablet
Dantoin® BCDMH Tablets

A broad-spectrum biocide effective on bacteria and fungi, Dantoin® BCDMH Tablets release active bromine and active chlorine when in contact with water. Their 20g cylindrical form allows a slow release of the halogenous acids, ensuring consistent disinfection.

Typically dosed via pressurized feeders (brominators), Dantoin® BCDMH tablets are used in various applications: from pool and spa disinfection to the constant sanitization of raw water entering cooling towers to avoid microbial contamination and to improve heat transfer.

They are also used in pasteurizers, air scrubbers and as a versatile disinfectant.

Available in 25 and 50 pound pails.

Dantoin Granular
Dantoin® BCDMH Granular

As a powerful disinfectant and an effective, broad-spectrum bactericide and fungicide, Dantoin® BCDMH Granular aids in the control of bacterial, fungal and algal slimes in diverse applications such as:

  • Commercial and industrial cooling systems and scrubbers
  • Pasteurization units
  • Sewage systems
  • Paper mill process water (paper used in packaging for food contact as well as no food contact)

Dantoin® BCDMH Granular is a high purity product. The granules are of a controlled particle size, with a diameter typically between 3 – 8mm.

Dantoin® BCDMH Granular disinfects water through the controlled release of halogens (Bromine and Chlorine), and has a dissolving rate of 0.25g/100g at a temperature of        25°C.

Dantoin® BCDMH Granular is dosed via a brominator running either under pressure or at the atmospheric pressure.

Available in 25 and 50 pound pails or in super sacks.

Dantoin BCDMH Powder
Dantoin® BCDMH Powder
Dantoin® BCDMH Powder is a powerful disinfectant that exhibits the same benefits as Dantoin® BCDMH Granular but has a quicker dissolving rate than Dantoin® BCDMH Granular, an added advantage.

Specifically recommended for the treatment of recirculating water in the wet-end section of a paper machine, Dantoin® BCDMH Powder is typically dosed via a brominator running either under pressure or at the atmospheric pressure.

Available in super sacks.