Bardac® LF1850-WT

Bardac LF18-50 WT

Bardac® LF 18-50 WT is synergistic with oxidizing biocides and prevents algae growth, lowering the need for halogens. Bardac® LF 18-50 WT is compatible with anionic scale and corrosion inhibitors, which can result in a decrease of operating costs.  Bardac® LF 18-50 WT is water soluble and is not a dermal sensitizer.

Bardac® LF 18-50 WT is low-foaming tendency compared to other ADBAC-based products.  Low-foam is an advantage in recirculating cooling systems and decorative fountains.

  • Active ingredient: 50% Dioctyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride
  • Available in drums, IBC’s and bulk

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Bardac LF 18-50 WT Product Information Document

Bardac 2250
Bardac® 2250

The Bardac® 2250 product shows a broad spectrum of activity against both gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria and is also effective on fungi and viruses, including those that are enveloped. Showing a high tolerance to hard water (above 350ppm), it remains active in the presence of heavy organic soiling. Its impressive surfactant and wetting properties make it one of the multipurpose biocides of choice for cooling systems and swimming pool water treatment as part of formulations.

This Bardac® 2250 product displays synergistic effects in combination with aldehydes and complexing agents, such as EDTA, but is incompatible with anionic detergents. It is registered in a large number of countries for numerous applications, including water treatment applications as well as hygiene and material protection applications.

Please check local regulations or consult your Lonza representative for further information.

  • Contains 50% solution of Dialkyl Dimethyl Ammonium Chloride (DDAC)
  • Shows a high tolerance to hard water (above 350ppm)
  • Available in drums, IBC’s and bulk