Water Treatment Equipment

Having the correct equipment to treat the water can significantly streamline the water treatment process. Our easy-to-use equipment and extensive application knowledge helps us deliver reliable solutions to the demanding problems of our customers.

Our equipment:

  • Can provide continuous and reliable disinfection on demand
  • Helps maintain the correct water balance
  • Allows for potential cost-savings as the amount of chemicals can be managed and applied as per the water demand (Model specific)
  • Are easily managed and maintained
  • Can be tailor-made to specifications
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Constant Chlor® MC5 Feeder System

The next generation feeder featuring patented erosion technology

The Constant Chlor® MC5 Feeder system provides reliable chlorine solutions for water treatment plants, waste water plants and water reclamation facilities. The Constant Chlor® system consistently delivers liquid available chlorine for disinfection applications that kills bacteria, controls algae and removes organic contaminants. The feeders use EPA registered Constant Chlor® Briquettes that work in conjunction with the feeder to produce a fresh concentrated liquid chlorine solution for clean, clear, sanitized water. Treats facilities with up to 10 MGD ranging from a minimum of 5 lbs a day available chlorine to 83 lbs a day available chlorine.


Constant Chlor® MC5 Briquet Features:

  • High Strength 65% minimum AvCl
  • NSF/ANSI 60 Certified for drinking water
  • Reduced shipping and handling costs compared to liquid bleach
  • Meets AWWA Standard B300
  • Dry, easy to handle product form
  • Scale inhibitor for reliable performance Feeder designed to minimize maintenance requirements


Constant Chlor® MC5 Product Information Sheet


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Constant Chlor® Marathon Feed System

The disinfection solution for low volume municipal water treatment

The Constant Chlor® Marathon Feeder System is the latest Constant Chlor® innovation, designed specifically to handle conditions and requirements to chlorinate at remote sites, reservoir/boosting sites and secondary disinfection applications at office and institutional buildings. Constant Chlor’s® uniquely developed system treats 250,000 gallons (946,352 l) up to 3PPM, operates at pressure ranges up to 100PSI (6.89 bar) and delivers up to 7lbs (3.17 kg) per day chlorine. 

Constant Chlor® Marathon Tablet Features:

  • High Strength 65% minimum AvCl
  • NSF/ANSI 60 Certified for drinking water
  • Longer shelf life than liquid bleach
  • Provide chlorine residual to maintain ongoing efficacy
  • Effective alternative to Sodium Hypochlorite, Chlorine Dioxide and Chlorine Gas
  • Extended release
  • Highly concentrated to reduce shipping and handling costs compared to liquid bleach
  • Feeder requires minimal operator dosage adjustment

Constant Chlor® Marathon Product Information Sheet

Constant Chlor A300 Feeder image
Constant Chlor A300 Feeder

Clean drinking water for small community wells 

The Constant Chlor® Plus A300N-GF Feeder is a compact chlorine gravity feeder capable of producing high feed rates. Its simple, rugged design makes it ideal for small community wells and drinking water storage tanks. The feeder works with Constant Chlor® Plus Tablets to chlorinate drinking water. A scale inhibitor in the tablet helps prevent scale build-up in the feeder for a low-maintenance chlorination solution. 


Constant Chlor® A300 Features:

  • Wave Technology dissolves tablets from the bottom, keeping unused tablets dry for predictable, uniform feed rate
  • Scale inhibitor in tablets for optimal feeder performance
  • Simple, rugged design for dependable operation in rural areas
  • Highly adjustable chlorine output meets a wide variety of application needs
  • No electricity required • Precise chlorine control via three methods: 1) Number of cartridges used, 2) Output grid used, 3) Flow meter
  • Tablets have long shelf life with minimal degradation - ideal for remote locations

Constant Chlor® A300 Product Information Sheet


constant chlor feeder
Constant Chlor® Systems

Designed via feedback from actual field users, Constant Chlor® Plus Systems and chlorinators are the versatile solution for effective, easy to use sanitizing and disinfecting.

  • Consistent and reliable chlorine solution
  • Patented spray technology – Watch our Spray Technology Video
  • Dissolves material from the bottom to deliver a consistently accurate dose of liquid available chlorine
  • Reservoir is filled and volume maintained via an electronically controlled spray manifold where the solution is continually circulated in order to maintain consistency
  • Customizable - can stand alone or be integrated with other process and control equipment
  • Operates at normal atmospheric pressure and is readily serviceable for refilling and cleaning while in operation
  • Internal mixing mechanism enables sustainable homogeneous solution and prevents solids build-up
  • Compatible with all types of pumps including positive displacement pumps

Constant Chlor® Plus MC4-50/MC4-150/MC4-400 Systems

  • Up to 50/150/400 pounds of AvCL/day with continuous use of the system
  • Use with NSF Standard 60 listed Constant Chlor® Plus dry calcium hypochlorite briquettes

Watch our video West Springfield Replaces Gas Chlorination System.


Constant Chlor® Plus MC4-150 West Springfield Case Study

Constant Chlor® Plus MC4-150 Greenburgh, NY Case Study

Constant Chlor® Plus MC4-50 Arkansas Water Utility Case Study

Constant® Chlor System Manual

drytec feeder
Drytec® Systems

An accurate dose of chlorine for the food and beverage industry

DryTec® Systems sanitize water in an easy, automated process - for consistent, accurate chlorination in food and beverage applications.
The easy-to-use DryTec® Feeder works with our DryTec® FG Briquettes to consistently deliver liquid available chlorine to kill bacteria, control algae and remove organic contaminants. These unique briquettes are made in the USA, and are formulated with a scale inhibitor, making them the convenient, easy-to-use solution for use in food industry applications.

  • System produces a consistent and reliable chlorine solution
  • Feeder requires minimal operator dosage adjustment
  • Feeder features a touch screen and SCADA compatibility
  • High strength 65% minimum AvCl
  • Dry, easy-to-handle formulation
  • Scale inhibitor for reliable performance
  • Small, pillow-shaped briquettes create a well-packed spray bed for a consistently accurate chlorine solution
  • Produces fresh, concentrated, liquid chlorine on demand
  • EPA registered, NSF Standard certified, and Kosher certified for food sanitization applications

DryTec® Systems Product Information Sheet
DryTec® MC4-50P and MC4-150P Operation and Installation Manual

cch feeder system
CCH® Auto Feed System
  • For commercial pools and spas from 500 to 50,000 gallons
  • Supplies up to 18 pounds of AvCL/day
  • 13 pound capacity (weight of tablets)
  • NSF Standard 50 Certified
  • Use with CCH®Chlorinating Tablets

CCH® Brochure

CCH® Tablets Article