Maintenance & Repairs

We offer expert technical assistance of chlorine feed equipment through our skilled engineers and technician. Support and services are provided and range from periodic preventative maintenance to emergency repairs and breakdowns.

Periodic Preventative Maintenance

Preventative maintenance, a proactive approach, is performed in an attempt to help avoid equipment failures, production losses, shutdowns and increased total cost of ownership. We provide time-based preventative maintenance schedules with all of its feeder technologies. 

Emergency Repairs & Breakdowns

In the event of an emergency repair or breakdown, we should be contacted. A technician or engineer will assist in remedying the situation to help get you fully operational in the fastest possible time.

Service offering includes:

  • New installations
  • On-site water testing
  • Fault finding
  • On site training
    • We offer full-service training to ensure that everyone involved understands the process for sanitizing with calcium hypochlorite, including how to properly operate the feed equipment. We will train your staff how to run the feeder, as well as appropriate preventative maintenance procedures.

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