About Sigura

Access to safe, usable water is a critical need around the world. With a long heritage of developing innovative water care solutions, Sigura is we are dedicated to providing solutions to the customer in our markets - ranging from commercial pools and spas to drinking water chlorination and aquatic vegetation management to food hygiene and industrial cooling and papermaking. We build customer relationships by offering technical customer support, research and development, formulation expertise, regulatory excellence, powerful brand marketing and product quality.

Based in Atlanta - and with over 1200 employees globally - we have the experts to find your water care solution.

Our brand portfolio includes recognized market leaders such as:


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A leader in Aquatic Plant Management solutions for over 50 years.

Chemical free water disinfection technologies. Consistent, reliable drinking water disinfection.

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Disinfection for the food and beverage industry

A complete aquatic management company.

30 years of cutting edge commercial pool chlorination.